1994 Mazda MX-3 Q&A

1994 Mazda MX-3 Question: What is the clunk noise in my front end?

I drive a 94mazda mx-3. Every time i accelerate and when i brake, i hear a clunk noise in the front end. Also when driving over rough road it sometimes will make clunk noise too. Dont know if it is stabilizer (sway) bar bushings, or a cv joint -
Answer 1
sounds more like a motor mount. have a shop check it for you and verify Roy -
Answer 2
It's very possible it is a motor mount, c/v joint, or bushings. Feel free to bring it in and I'll have one of my techs look at it for you at N/C, it should be pretty simple to figure out. I hope this helps. Take care. -
Answer 3
Holland Auto Service bring it in and I will tell you quickly what it is going to take to fix it. call now ask for Dick and we will get you in and out quickly 343-4235 -