2004 Infiniti QX56 Q&A

2004 Infiniti QX56 Question: What is the cause of brake indicator, VDC Off, and Slip indicator lights?

What is the cause of brake indicator light and VDC Off light and Slip indicator light while I was driving on the freeway? I shut off the engine and turned it back on, lights came back on again. -
Answer 1
You have a faults in your computerized stability controls which include the brake system as well. This needs to be scanned and repaired by a shop that is savy to this kind of problem. When the light or lights are on, the system is in a back-up mode . have this looked at ASAP Good Luck! -
Comment 1
But is an electronic problem or physical problem? Thanks in advanced. -
Comment 2
It could be either an electrical/electronic problem, a physical problem or both. These are both electro-mechanical systems that are managed by 1 or more computers. -
Comment 3
also may need vdc reprogramed if code for the delta sensor is stored -
Answer 2
low brake fluid . top off the master cylinder. probably low due to normal pad wear . may want to have checked for leaks but leaks are very unlikely. may also need vdc reprogramed if a code for the delta sensor is stored -
Answer 3
I know this sounds dumb but check your brake fluid level. I put a couple ounces in and all those problems went away. -
Answer 4
All 3 of those lights came on in our infiniti yesterday also. We added a few ounces of brake fluid and all those lights turned off! Good luck! -
Answer 5
This has happened to me. I thought I was in for some extensive expensive reapirs, turns out I just needed new break pads. -