what is the capacity of fuel tank on my honda crv? on 1999 Honda CR-V

Need capacity in liters and gallons of my 1999 Honda CRV and is the dash indicator in miles of kms. Cannot get back seat door open from inside on left.

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your tank holds 15.3 gals and pull door panel and ck latch assm or rod has fallen off
that sounds right. Just filled up in US. I was on fumes. 14.7 gal.
I will check the child safe switch... Thanks
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U.S. built in miles (outer ring on speedometer , Canadian built in kilometers. Look on VIN label on drivers door pillar to verify.On the door issue.......... make sure somebody didn't accidentally hit the CHILD SAFETY switch on door by latch, that would give the symptom you describe. Otherwise , yes as others stated , inner latch itself has problem.
the latch is broken or the rod got disconnected inside your rear driver door.
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