What is the best approach to repairing/replacing a wheel speed input signalcode on 2003 Ford Explorer

Yesterday my abs dash light came on and I felt a shutter on the break pedal at the first stop sign I hit and then I didn't feel any more, but the light stayed on. I also have noticed a louder sort of grinding roar (not too loud) while veering right at speeds of 40+ on highways and there is a high pitched whine that has become more constant lately. Anyway, took it up to advanced auto for a diagnostic and the code came back as B1233 LF wheel speed input signal missing; I want to know how to approach the repairs and what exactly I am dealing with before I take it somewhere and get taken. Also, how safe is it for me to drive? Thank you

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now with that info go to a good mech and get an insp done and est. this need sto be looked at to determine issues
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