What is the average U.S. price charged for removing "sludge" from an engine? on 2004 Toyota Echo

15 Mar 2012 I took 2004 Echo 4dr Autotrans to dealer for scheduled maintenance. They told me the engine had "sludge" in it & it must be removed or engine replacement would soon result! The radiator, which was leaking, was also replaced(16400-21070)$576.31, 771 CP 1.50 $129.00, Sludge remove 771 CP 7.00 712.00, Cyl Hea Gasket (11213-21011) $23.36, +misc $ Total=$1584.39 Note: previous maintenance 12 Sept 2011

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I know of no average cost on sludge removal....it would vary in every individual case and would depend on where and how it would be removed. Sludge in a engine is like cancer in people ....it may never be compleatly removed unless the engine is taken apart compleatly and cleaned. Best thing to do is prevent sludge with routine maintenance.