What is the average repair cost for R&R of Front Main Seal, Valve CVR GSKT, ALT? on 2007 Toyota Camry

Noise from Alternator (bearing I think), Oil leaking from Valve Cover Gasket and the Front Main Crank Seal is leaking. What is the Labor Estimate to Repair these problems?

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what motor?
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what motor?
Engine size 4 or 6 cyl? V6 has two valve covers! Have a mechanic remove belt and spin alt. to see if any noise. If so replacment of the alt. is required.
A new alternator 250.00 oil valve cover 15.00 install 85.00 front main seal 12.00 install 50.00
I have a 4cyl camry and also had the alternator bearing fail, then two more times the same failure of aftermarket alternator. Discovered that my harmonic balancer was bad and that probably put extra stress on alt. bearing. So check harmonic balancer for leaks.