What is the average cost to place the "main rear seal"? on 2006 Acura TL

Car leaks oil daily.
Car is well care for, 97K miles.
Is this an expected "wear and tear" repair?
I have been quoted $1000K.
Is this accurate?

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Agree with Roy. Labor to remove the transmission and replace the seal is 8 hours add $50 in parts.
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price is about right. shop around for comparision pricing.

i would check the pcv valve first. if it is clogged, it will blow oil out the rear main.

i would not exspect this repair at this mileage. at 150-200k, yes.

What is a PCV valve?

Just found a guy that said he could do the repair for $325 "off the clock". ???
be leary of this. it is a very involved job and lots can go wrong. you have no warranty on that repair if he messes up.

pcv is positive crankcase ventilation valve. very important for the engine to breather.