What is problem if my car makes noises like a motorcycle on 2003 Nissan Altima

When I turn on my car it jerks and hesitates, as I drive it makes rattling noises like it is a motorcycle. (ratatatata). I thought it was the muffler but they told me it could the exhaust and could cost me $750. It also makes a whinning noise, it seems to come from the right side. The engine light is not on.

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Have the catalytic converter checked for broken catalyst inside. Have the drive belt removed to see if the "whinning noise" stops, if it does, check driven componets for that noise by turning each componet by hand while listening and feeling for a problem. Mechanic may be needed OR a car savvy buddy, i do not/can not know if you can do these things!
Respectfully, pushrod.
Thank you! I'll have it checked that way.
You bet! Post the results so others with a simular problem might benefit.