what is myproblem with engine or timing on 1993 Audi 90

Car was running little hot, then ran hot hot for a few minutes and engine stopped, started one more time, enough to drive to a safe spot, still hot, stopped and won't start. Sounds weird when tries to start. Is this a timing problem or engine replacement?

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If the engine sounds like it is cranking faster than normal remove the oil cap and check to make sure the cam is turning while cranking- if it is the engine may be damaged from overheating. Greg
Hi! I am strapped for someone to check this out that I cannot trust and give me an honest answer, can you give me the scenerios? It never overheated in the respect that the fluid leaked out. It did not over heat fluid wise at all when driving. The fluid came out a couple of days after I had it towed home. Thank you!