what is most common part in the trans to fail? causing the trans to bind up on 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

car drove fine when parked when returned to car and put in reverse the car rolled two ft then stopped suddenly i then placed it into drive it rolled two ft and stopped gave more gas peddle and it freed only to make loud clicking sound that can also be felt thru out the car

Failed final drive unit , parking pawl , or axle shaft/splines.---------Auto or manual?
Its an auto and im thinking by the way its acting that the pin that the spider gears are on has come loose and will slide out and contacting other components
I was in the area...... I was being very general.....I was more leaning towards ring gear dropped-seen that in older Corollas.......EITHER WAY it ain't a good sound to hear. Good luck.
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low atf fluid
either flex plate, converter, or transmission needs replacing