2006 Pontiac Grand Prix Q&A

2006 Pontiac Grand Prix Question: What is labor time estimate on replacing the oil pressure sensor?

I have already diagnosed the issue with my Actron AutoScanner. -
Answer 1
its about a 1/2 hr job plus part. what did your auto scanner say? repl oil sending unit? did you do a manual oil pressure test? -
Comment 1
Thank you for the response. The code was P0521 which is the oil pressure switch/sensor. We were just trying to determine the time as I cannot access mithcell's guide to labor to decide whether or not to do it ourselves or pay someone to do it. Not sure if my husband manually checked the oil pressure, but I will ask him. Do you know if Mitchells labor estimate is 1/2 hour? -
Comment 2
that should be close,but you may have a oil sending unit circuit issue also. for the cost of a sending unit start there -