2000 Chrysler 300M Q&A

2000 Chrysler 300M Question: what is killing battery that was bought 4mons ago,this is 2nd time its happened

twice this has happened. -
Answer 1
after market alarm? powered sound system and after market radio? what kind of battery you have? you should get OEM battery on that car from the dealer. -
Comment 1
not sure what type of battery it was replaced by a local shop in town. no after music but i do believe the alarm is after market, will check on that with wife. car was purchased from my sister inlaw. -
Answer 2
A technician will probably have to test for a parasitic drain. In the meantime look around inside the car for something staying turned on like an interior light, or the glove box light. -
Answer 3
have them ck it for a draw -
Comment 1
Thanx to all will check and see if these work -