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2000 Chrysler Cirrus Question: what is ignition coil b primary and secondary circuit

when engine get hot starts to misfire, and clears out after 3 - 5 min. OR When you drive for about 2km starts to misfire and car looses power and clear out after 3-5 min. Any solution please let me know. yababas@hotmail.com -
Answer 1
You have a coil breaking down, probably ign coil B. -
Comment 1
Thank you professorG which one is coil B cause this one has a coil pack or is it coil pack itself ???.... -
Comment 2
The coil in B is bad, if it's a coil pack then yes replace the whole coil. Cool. -
Comment 3
Hi ProfessorG I changed Coil pack And plug wires still same problem, replaced throttle complete, replaced camshaft censer and crank censer, still same no relief. I'm confused !!!! -
Comment 4
Do you have any oil or moisture in the spark plug tubes. Check connections at the coil, maybe some di-electric grease on the connector, and no spark plugs cracked. -
Comment 5
I change rocker cover gasket, plugs, wires, coil pack, still the same. -
Answer 2
sounds like the coil... -
Comment 1
Well that coil B primary/secondary circuit is crank shaft censer I found out and fix the problem yesterday. But never buy aftermarket censer Couse this was the cause of all this confusion. Thank you all -
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to shake till it clears out after 4 to 5 minutes. OBDII code says P0352 ignition coil b, primary / secondary circuit. (if not coil pack and plug wire, what will it be the problem. Couse I change th...
Code says that the problem is igition coil "b", but we arent' sure what one is "b".