what is ignition coil b primary and secondary circuit on 2000 Chrysler Cirrus

when engine get hot starts to misfire, and clears out after 3 - 5 min. OR When you drive for about 2km starts to misfire and car looses power and clear out after 3-5 min.
Any solution please let me know.

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You have a coil breaking down, probably ign coil B.
Thank you professorG
which one is coil B cause this one has a coil pack or is it coil pack itself ???....
The coil in B is bad, if it's a coil pack then yes replace the whole coil. Cool.
Hi ProfessorG

I changed Coil pack And plug wires still same problem, replaced throttle complete, replaced camshaft censer and crank censer, still same no relief. I'm confused !!!!
Do you have any oil or moisture in the spark plug tubes. Check connections at the coil, maybe some di-electric grease on the connector, and no spark plugs cracked.
I change rocker cover gasket, plugs, wires, coil pack, still the same.
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sounds like the coil...
Well that coil B primary/secondary circuit is crank shaft censer I found out and fix the problem yesterday. But never buy aftermarket censer Couse this was the cause of all this confusion. Thank you all