what is happening to my car when turning the steering wheel i hear a whinning on 2008 Chrysler 300

noise or when i'm driving slow i hear whinning noise?

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We've flushed several Chrysler PS systems. Try that first but if it doesn't work you may need a pump or rack.
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Does it only happen or is it louder when turning a certain direction? You may have a problem with one of the power steering components.
Low fluid level. If the fluid gets low the fluid gets airated and oil pumps DO NOT LIKE air, it foams the fluid and can't produce pressure, IF IF your fluid it up to max and not low AND still is noisy W/o adding any it could be the pump, if the steering is jerky or hard it COULD be the rack, if it's low on fluid check for leaks, there are "o" rings in the connections at the rack that leak progressively worse,don't let anybody talk you in to a new rack I fixed one for the cost of "o" rings.