What is flat rate time to repair intake gasket and water pump on 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

I have gotten several quotes from dealers in the Denver area, and they all see high. How long should it take to repair these items and what is a reasonable labor rate.

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Tell us what engine you have.
I dont have access to flat rate here but other techs will be able to tell you. Just needed to know what eng you have.
As for labor rates in Co. dont know,but they vary hear in Va. from 50.00 at private shops to 140.00 at dealers.
Tell us what the trouble is. I assume both intake and pump are leaking,right?
Water pump = 1.9; Intake manifold = 2.2
A day in reality. Flat rate is a fair 'guide'.
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Joe and Judy, according to Mitchell On-Demand...the Water Pump flat-rate is 1.9 hours while the Intake Manifold Gasket is 2.2 hours...keep in mind this is just the flat-rate labor guide (disclosing ONLY the hands-on time) and does not include resurfacing mating surfaces, refilling cooling system or road-testing vehicle.
Thank you both! I am curious about the software Mitchell On-Demand vs some of the others out there: AllData, Shop Pro/Key etc. It seems to get reliable information anymore it must be through on-line software. I have some old Chilton's manuals but I couldn't even find current ones in the library. Any recommendations? Is Mitchell On-Demand something any consumer can use?
The flat-rate hourly guide is not meant for public use, almost all the publishers charge subscriptions or packages for this access to information. RepairPal does have it's version of estimating which I find pretty good. As you know...information is usually not in paper but in electronic media now.
I get it...thanks for your've been very helpful!
3 hours also depends on what else you have to replace