What is ESC, washer fluid not working, cruise control not working, brake lights on 2010 Chevrolet Malibu

When I apply my brakes a display comes on "no traction, service esc", brake lights remain on at all time but go off when the brake is pressed. Also my cruise control and washer fluid has quit working. All of this has seemed to occur at the same time.

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The ABS module needs diagnosed; ESC means Electronic Stability Control, works with the Anti Lock brake system to apply the brakes while in a skid or any reason it thinks the car is not going straight. Another component is the Steering Center Sensor, could be bad and the module could be noticing that you are making a turn while you're going straight down the road. The cruise could be caused by the stoplight switch, or the ESC condition would not allow it to work. Washer fluid hoses could be broken or clogged or pump could be damaged.