What is draining my battery?

on 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

New Battery,alternator & all fuses have been checked. No one can find what is causing it :( It happens about every 3 days. I have to jump start it. Diagnostic test have been done & still can't find anything. Help!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree with Dan. I would have an inductive amp meter on the power side of the battery, disconnect the alternator power wire in case it is drawing current, disconnect fuses one at a time to see what circuit is causing the draw. Properly test the battery as well, hydrometer and high rate discharge test. Any water leaks in car?
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Parasitic draw is normal in all late generation vehicles but any draw in 05 Jetta above 40 milliamps is too much and will kill a new battery in 3 days. I have found that many techs do not know the proper procedure for testing parasitic draw. We have found issues in the VW's due to water damage in control units but this was in mostly earlier models, late 90's etc. I suggest you find a shop that can do a proper parasitic draw and that testing of circuit with draw can be repaired.
Dan @ Waterloo Motors
I have a 2005 2.0 engine. one of my door/window motors was bad causing a bunch of problems with my windows and radio.Car would not go dormant when key was removed, causing battery to drain , also factory alarm would go off for no reason,and interior lights would blink. changed the back drivers side motor and all issues resolved. window would not go down on back drivers side door, lock was not working on rdriver door that why i focused on that door. hope this helps.
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