what is difference between MANUAL HVAC blend door actuator and an AUTOMATIC one? on 2000 Ford Taurus

I have to re-place my heater core and I want to know if theres a difference in the blend door actuator. And how do I know which one I need. I have a 200 ford taurus, 3.0 ltr, U series engine

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your a/c controls if auto will be most likely digital disp the manual will be dials to control temp settings
Thank you very much for your answer
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If you’re replacing the heater core you do not have to replace the blend door actuators unless they are defective. Keep in mind that to replace the heater core in your vehicle the dash board needs to be removed to gain access to the heater core access panel. DO NOT attempt this job unless you feel confident that you can complete the task.
Thanks I had to replace the HVAC blend door because a hack shop took it out and kept it!
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