What is cost to replace power steering fluid? on 2000 Volkswagen Jetta

I recently had a few things done on my car, and was told I had no power steering fluid in my car. They charged me $69.99 to replace the power steering fluid. I didn't notice this until I got home because I had a number of things done. I called the mechanic and he said it's because they flush the system before they add the fluid. Is this charge too high?

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well...power steering fluid costs about $4.99 per bottle and a bottle is enough to fill it up..but a flush costs about $30 plus labor so yea..
That price was fair as it sounds like he charged 1/2 hour labor plus fluid
Thanks for the info. I kind of like the place I went to. They're quick and filled me in on what needed to be done and why. Really didn't look over the itemization until I got home. It's hard being a woman and not really knowing what's needed and the reasonable rate.