what is considered different size/mismatched tires? on 2005 Toyota RAV4

I was told that by replacing tires (same manufactuer and size) one a time due to flats can cause transmission problems. The slightest difference in the tire diameter(old vs new tread) is enough to cause the transmission to become damaged enough to require replacement. I"ve been advised to replace all 4 in order to stop future transmission damage.. Is this at all true?? any advise?? thank you.

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you can repl one at a time but it needs to be the same size. like 215/60/R14. it will say this on the side of the tire.the tire shop will be able to help you
hi.. I did replace all 4 at different times (flats) with same make and size- identical tires .problem started with tire roar on right. tire guy said it's a problem with all wheel drive cars. this transmission damage due to the uneven tread levels on all 4 tires (newer tire vs older tire tread) He checked transmission fluid and said it smelled burned.He said i need to purchase 4 new as this may delay further transmission damage. Have you of such, is it true??? thanks, pink05
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