1999 Mercedes-Benz C230 Q&A

1999 Mercedes-Benz C230 Question: what is code0410 in car inspection

i went for car inspection codes 0105 and 0410 showed up what they mean?, -
Answer 1
the codes P0105 and P0410 i believe you meant? P0105 MAP circuit malfunction (manifold air pressure sensor)this sensor is one of the sensors used to regulate the fuel injection system or let the computer know what kind of load the engine has so it can adjust the time period (pulse width) of the fuel injectors. it measures the pressure (opposite of vacuum)in the intake manifold and sends signal (input)to ecm so it can adjust injectors and other (outputs)you could have a bad sensor, circuit or a mechanical problem (sealing leak, vacuum hose restriction) or a control problem but that would be the least likely. P0410 air injection system malfunction - air injection and/or air pump, super charger system is not reacting to the set parameters that the computer has when this is in operation. could be component itself, circuit, needs to be trouble shooted accordingly. hope the codes were supposed to be the Pxxxx codes if not sorry for wasting your/everyones time. -
Answer 2
seek proper diag and est as not to waste time and money -