what is causing p0740 code in my dodge 1500 2wd ? on 1997 Dodge Ram 1500

I started having trouble with trans not shifting by its self.would shift just fine if shifted by hand.took it to shop and was told it was the governor pressure sensor and the governor pressure solenoid Changed these still have same problem but now have two codes P0740and P0440. any ideal what's my problem ?

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Possible torque convertor clutch switch, 0440 no such code for '97 dodge per manufactuer, other vehicles would be an EVAP code.
what and where do I find a TCC switch? When I test drove truck It made a loud noise when giving it over 1/4 throttle,seem to be coming from TC.How would I test TCC switch?
It's internal on the valve body.
How do I test it? My other code Was P0441
Unless you have a professional scan tool to command it on and off you need to have some help. 441 evap purge flow monitor failure.
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