What is causing my car alarm to go off and my car not start. Lights come on. on 2007 Hyundai Sonata

It has been happening all weekend. I have where my lights come on but car wont start. I had to disconnect my battery to stop it for the night.

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scan anti theft codes and post so we can adv
Of couse, being a female, I haven't a clue what that means.
sorry have your mech scan the anti theft module to retrieve codes. then post each code so we can adv you on possible problems
Okay. Going to go to autozone after having my jumped to see if it is an old battery. Car is 5 years old and I think it has been orginal. Last few nights have gone down to low thirties with lots of dew.
The dead battery is most likely the problem altogether! That should take care of the alarm as well.
I am hoping. That is an easy fix and not as expensive as if I had to take it to the Hyndau dealer. They would rake me over the coals. I thank you for helping me.
You bet.
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