What is causing my 2007 Mazda 6 to 'shake' while driving? on 2007 Mazda Mazda6

I recently had the axles replaced on my 2007 Mazda 6. A week or two later, I started noticing a 'shake' from my car while I am driving. It seems pretty constant, and I can feel the shake in my gas pedal and steering wheel. Passengers feel the shake, too. I took it into the Mazda dealership to get an oil change and had them check it out. They told me one of the axles was bad (a faulty part), and told me that I needed an alignment. They said they thought the faulty axle was causing the 'shake' I was feeling. I had them do an alignment, spin balance on all tires and the axle replacement. It didn't fix my issue. They told me that I had a couple of wheels with bent marks (not bad enough to warrant a replacement, but said it could be fixed). I have not hit any curbs or potholes or anything recently to my knowledge, around the time the shaking started. My brother does not believe the shake is caused by my wheels. I have just over 66,000 miles on my car. I use my vehicle for work, and although the dealership service dept said it was not a safety concern, it still has me worried. What else could it be?

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it could be the other axle if they are rebuilt type that were installed,or several other issues. get a 2nd opinion from another shop.this condition is hard to diag without an insp of veh.if mazda sold u an axle afer diag that was the issue and you paid them,return and complain and have it fixed or ask for a refund for improper diag
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