what is book time to replace a water pump in a 4.9 DeVille on 1994 Cadillac DeVille

how complicated is it to change?

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I do it every other year. It takes me about 2 hours. You just need a 1/2 inch breaker bar or wratchet to loosen the belt & get it out of the way. It helps if you remove the battery & the 3-10MM bolts on the water pump pully b4 removing the belt! Anyway get the belt off & pulley off then I think its 13 or so 6~10mm bolts on the water pump.Just pull the thing out scrape off all the old gasket material & put your new one in place. Put the 13 bolts back in put pully on with the 3-10mm bolts then route the belt back on & refill with coolant. Presto!
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you better have the right tools because there is not much room to work on it