What is average cost of valve job for 98 Honda Civic with 4 cylinders? on 1998 Honda Civic

Was told by mechanic that one of cylinders is low on compression. Said most likely scenario was that it would take a valve job to repair. Estimated cost at around $1,300. Seems a bit on the high side. Wanted to know what the average cost for this repair is to determine if this is reasonable.

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Get a second diagnosis , the way your statement was phrased , it sounded more like a guess than an absolutely sure mechanic.Could have lots of other problems that would cause low compression on one cylinder and not need to have the head pulled off to fix it.good luck.For the D.C. area -where I'm at, $1300.00 is maybe just a little high. It depends on what has to be done to the cylinder head. ............second diagnosis/opinion.
2nd opinion sounds like good idea. Thanks for your response!