What is average cost of replacement oil pan gasket? on 1998 Mercury Sable

Current repair shop charged $480 but later said the oil seal in the back of the engine leaks oil when the engine is hot. The transmission will need to be pulled in order to replace the seal. Car had been leaking oil on the right passenger side (front) but never on the driver's side (front).

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As Brian said, there ar 2 different motors.
the 3.0 12 valve or U motor is the common one that the oil pan gasket does fail
the 480 price is a little high for that. it pays 2.5 hours plus the gaskets, oil and filter.

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There is two different engines available for this vehicle- 2valve or 4valve. Totally different animals. There is a revised oil pan gasket for the 3.0L 2v engine. If this gasket is not used, the potential for oil leaks are greatly increased.