What is an approx cost for repair on a temperature sensor on 2009 Nissan Versa

service engine soon light came on last night I went this morning to auto zone to get the code its P0710 The defination:
ATF temperature sensor circuit/ probable cause: open or short circuit condition or failed ATF temperature sensor.I have no problems at all with car, it has 29000 miles. Last week we had
-40 wind chil, needed a new battery & my coolant flushed. Now
a few days later this lite comes on.weird. i guess I am looking at worse case $$ and if its drivable short distances till i can take it in on tues.. today is sunday:) Thank you for your help

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Well it's good that you know the actual fault number on your Nissan. However keep in mind that the fault could be due to several different reasons. Poor electrical connection, unplugged temperature sensor, transmission software malfunction, valve body conductor plate damage, dented transmission pan, faulty temperature sensor etc... So to spectulate on an accurate cost would be a bit premature. Until a service technician inspects your vehicle and isolate where malfunction is. Then would be the best time to ask if pricing is in line. About you driving vehicle as is. I would say it's always best to be cautious because something abnormal is happening to temperature reading within the a/t temperature circuit or transmission itself and it would be wise to drive vehicle to service center ASAP to minimize any further issues. Best of wishes and keep us posted once vehicle has been inspected.
Thankyou for answereing me. I did take the car to firestone on 1-14 same code p0710..they tested the temperature fluid etc...said nothing wrg..they did say if service soon light comes on again they will recheck & if its same code i need to take it to dealer to have the TCM reprogramed. So I took it home drove great that night & next day. Today I feel like its not accelerateing as it should & the tach looks wierd at times.But since I never really paid attention to this Maybe I am paranoid.NO service lights so far. I feel intermitint "kick" when i am driving..nothing major..nut definately something there..I have been online and of course I have no clue, but would the trans selenoid have something to do with this? I am taking it to dealer I only have 28600miles on it and its a 2009..hopefully what ever is wrg is covered. Would the service light show up if something ;like this is wrg? Whats your or trans shop if parts not covered? Thank you so much!
My recommendation because I don't know the in-service date/VIN#/Mileage of your vehicle. It would be best to take it to the dealership and ask them if there's going to be associated charge and or is your vehicle still under manufactures warranty and go from there. Best of luck.
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