what is a reasonable price, ? Is all this necessary? on 2003 Nissan Altima

How much should i pay to repair ground inside the transmission for a pressure selonoid? supposedly this is what my car needs. I want to make sure they are not overcharging they are also suggesting new filter kit, fluid , belts , air filter and cabinet filter???? why would i need all of this things? the problem that my car has is that sometimes when is stop and is going to change 1st gear is sounds like a loud click, but after that it continues changing gears nice and smooth. thanks for taking the time to help me.

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I just answered a question for a person that had there car in a repair shop for a simple repair and was not told there car needed serious repairs and maintainence despite the fact that the shop later told the person they had seen all the other needed work.
Most repairs shops are not out to deceive people but it's up to the car owner to built up a relationship with a shop they can trust and not have a shop try to push unnecessary work on them.
Kepp good records on your car to ensure you are not being sold work you don't need or had just had done. (Keeping good records will also increase the value of your car when selling second hand.)
Has your car had good scheduled maintenance? for the most case worn or cracked fan/belts are visually easy to inspect, fluids by the color can determine if they need to be replaced. If a fluid is discolored it has absorbed contaminants and should be changed.
Removing the transmission oil pan and repairing the solenoid wire may be an hour and a half to two hour job, plus what ever time they may have had to diagnose the problem.
The fan belts are $15 to $20 each and .5 to .8 hours to replace. The cabin air filter is about $25 to $35 and about .3 hour to replace.
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i have replace these solenoids before, don;t know to tell if the wire is broken without looking but the computer will give you a code of a faulty solenoid, it takes about an extra 15 min to replace a solenoid after the oil pan is off