What is a Power Steering Pressure Switch on 1992 Lexus LS400

Power steer fluid leeks into alternator and causes the car battery to become dead.. cannot keep car running. It runs fine when charged but after you turn off engine it will not start..occurs daily... car will not start unless new battery or alternator is replaced, then we are back to same problem1-2 months later..Alternator will be full of fluid

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find the leak and fix it and then replace the altenator again.
Probably need to replace the power steering pump.... This happened to me and until I replaced the pump, I had to put on about four alternators.
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do not put a rebuilt pump on it it will leak
put a lexus new one on it it is the best thing for it
ther may be shield that covers the alternator as well
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Need to replace the power steering pump... This happened to me and I had to replace the alternator 3 times and the fluid leaks into the alternator causing same to go bad.