What is a fair price for power steering hose replacement - part and labor on 1993 Ford Escort

I have a power steering leak. My local mechanic said the power steering hose is $66, but the labor is 2 hours according to the manual. He gave a total of $248 plus tax. My friend thinks this is too high. Can you tell me what is a fair price? Thank you very much!

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is your friend a technician?? price is right in the ball park. maybe he can do it for you.

No my friend is not a technician. She thought that the 2 hours labor sounded too long, like they were overestimating. Does that sound right, 2 hours labor for the power steering hose? I noticed that for other cars, the estimated labor was 1 hour.
yes it does sound right. they bury these hoses in tight spots and we have a hard time getting to the hose.