what is a computer chip in van, what it actual Part name and Price on 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

while driving my van stalled , wouldnt start. started next day,i put in gear it went 5 yards then stalled out. i had towed to shop, where he started it right up,ran for 3 min then stalled out. i went home, where he calls me hours later and tells me that he ran testing and my "chip" went, i asked how that happend. he said to think of it like a home computer and when it Breaks, it Breaks HOW MUCH DOES CHIP COST,HOW OFTEN DOES CHIP BREAK ?? ALSO, a few weeks ago my Drivers side window was having problems going UP and DOWN, then all together stopped halfway open, i brought to another auto place, where they said they charged my Window Motor ( WINDOW WORKS FINE), drives fine for 4 days, then STALLS out and thats where i am now !! COULD THEM CHARGING WINDOW HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MY CURRENT CHIP/STALLING PROBLEM ?? -TY

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car needs to be properly diag to determine issue
thank you
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You need to get better calification from whomever is working on your car. Computer modules fail at times and need to be replaced. I would not call it a chip ...lots of folks come up with different names for things at times.
Unlikely that the window problem relates but hard to say for sure depending on what computer has failed. Chryslers have engine control modules and body control modules.
Impossible to estimate cost with such limited information.
thank you