What is a Clutch Band and how can it be fixed? on 2004 Buick Rainier

Check engine light has been on steadily for about 2 weeks. Took it into the dealer and was told in the electronic control box there is a clutch band that could seige up and cause the truck to stop running.

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The check ingine light could be indicating that there's a problem with your automatic transmission. the clutches and bands are in the trans, not the control unit. the control unit has a diagnostic system for things like this. if it's true, you need some transmission work. I recommend take it to a good transmission shop and get them to do the diagnostics and find out for sure. Your dealer didn't tell you much and you need more information. The check engine light is indicating that there's a problem detected and there's a trouble code for it that the mechanic can interpret.
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+1 for superbob! You need more info. When we pulla code from the computer we can follow a very specific decision tree and rule out of pinpoint the problem. If you have a bad clutch band it is in transmission and warrant a new/remanufactured unit.
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