what i need to check before buying an audi tt 2002 225 hp on 2002 Audi TT Quattro

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i know there is no 100% quarantie , but anyone knows what i need to check to make sure is good to buy , whats the best way to inspect it to find problems or covert damages
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Don't do it, money pit. You"ll need more than 6000 to repair it
Get you a good used Toyota Corolla/Camry or even a Buick Lesabre! Then on your way to the bank to make a deposit, honk your horn at that guy broke down on the side of the road in the Audi.!!! One day when your pockets get real deep, get you a sporty car! Keep the Buick though!!! Just in case.
We don't have Buick in holland and Toyota corolla I can buy when I am 60 we live ones in life we need to enjoy even if some time is a price to pay I had all kind of crapy cars in a past now I need a bit excetiment I know allot about and the risk I am taking with the Tt I just need information from somebody with really knows mechanick stuff about the Audi so I know what to look for before I buy
Good luck with it!! LOL!!! Holland need to reply,,hitting delete...NOW!
I think u need to go fuck ur self u little prick
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easy on the language this is a public site
Or at least show some intelligence by using complete words on a pubic site. ..........oops......
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stay away its a money pit from here on out
Why man??? I save money and dream about this car for 2 years now it's a bit too late for that I am afraid
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well all audi cars are like mbz and bmw they are ok for the 1st 40k miles then all the bad sh__ happens. good luck. ps can't you dream another dream. lol
I know what u mean I heard all about the problems the come out but it's the closest I can come for a sport car experience with little money my budget is 6.000 e max
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you"ll be sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. that means you can't afford a sports car
Can you supercharge a 1985 YUGO for that price?
Vehicle history and a GOOD AUDI tech that you trust , to check it over AND ALWAYS ALWAYS < ALWAYS at least a solid 1 hour test drive and recheck BEFORE buying ANY used car. GOOD luck , enjoy the dream , while it lasts!
Thanks mate
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Is it a 2dr or 4dr
There is only 2 door, 4 door Audi Tt don't excist
have a large bank account
The tt is by far the most amazing vehicle k have ever drove or owned I've had 2 first was a 01 1.8 fwd roadster with the 180 and even that serious moved I here all this crap talk money money than I hear if u own that it means I can't afford a real sports car.. hold on hahahahhahahahhaha every car had problems audi can get expensive just get smart don't always believe the dealers and German mechanics. My 01 tt is now chipped ecu bigger turbo installed full exhaust and pushes 240 horse and I can blow the doors off any sports cars I'd bet all this money I hear people complain about but if you have one your poor haha. My new one is a 2011 pushing 672 hp on dyno I won't even get started but I can aford anything I want and I'm sorry I'm being Vicky just cause these rude people who think they know it all. I kept my 01 just to kep as my toy and still love it at 175k. Only problem was maintenance and knowing how to do anything serious myself or at least figure out what's really going one and its been so worth it nothing gives me a better feeling than watching a m3 pull up acting extremely smart and watch them just get destroyed makes my day... oh and poor huh funny cause I paid full retail for both mine the day they came out that year 34k and 52k.. I don't think that's bad at all considering how amazing they are. Shoot I'll smoke a lambo for 59k and they cost 250 I'll destroy any sports car any and most super cars in my 01 and it has 175k mikes now worth 7k $ beats any 50$k sport car with the best joy ever so you get that car and if you ever have any problems just look online or ask me