What happens if engine quites and there is no compression but it cranks? on 1990 Toyota Corolla

The engine will turn over but it whine when doing so. Belts are turning properly. The engine just stopped running. It was running perfectly before this happened not 10 minutes before. Its getting gas I can smell it..but its not firing at all..not even a sound to try and start, just a whine from the engine itself . Please help

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Broken timing belt.Do you know how to check if cam is turning (or distributer rotor) while cranking?
No How would I do that?
Please , don't take this the wrong way, but that is why I asked. Your best bet would be to bring(tow) to a shop you trust and let them confirm it , maybe they would be willing to show you so it makes more sense. If I'm correct , then get the timing belt and seals (and probably would recommend water pump also) replaced. It is a 'non-interference' engine , so no valve damage should have occurred. -------OR remove the distributor cap and watch the rotor while someone cranks it over. If the rotor does not turn , then most likely the timing belt stripped or broke. Please reply with results.
Okay will let you know asap. Thanks much