What happened when there is no oil in the engine? What r the commong problems? on 1997 Toyota RAV4

My check engine light came on, but before then the car was losing power and kind of shaking when I changed gears or accelerated. Took it to the repair shop, they scanned the code, it was a misfire code p0302, but before I took it to the auto shop, there was no oil in the engine. Is it possible that because there was no oil in the engine, this might had caused the problem and to the check engine light to come on?

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Was your engine making any unusual noise prior to your check engine lamp coming on? Possible but not probable. Did your red oil light come on? When was last oil service performed? Does your vehicle have an external oil leak? What is your Automotive Service Facility recommending the fix to be pertaining to fault p0302 cylinder misfire? Best of wishes.
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