What fuse or relay do I check to run my air conditioner? on 2006 Honda Civic

When I bypass the system and direct power the compressor it works fine. I dont know which fuse or relay to replace

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Need to know first if the condensor fan comes on (even if the compressor doesn't kick on) when you switch the A/C on inside.If the fan doesn't come on then the problem might be pcm or control switch. Assuming that when you jump the clutch it blows COLD (not just a little cooler) air. Also , if check engine light is on , there are certain engine conditions that will cause it not to allow the clutch to kick in.The relay is in the underhood fusebox. Flip the lid for diagram , relay will be the one with a picture of 'snowflake and clutch'.
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You should first try to turn it on and see if it works.
Thanks I dont think you can help me