what fuse number controls the windows for a 2004 Taurus on 2004 Ford Taurus

Last night I lower the windows and when I parked for the evening the windows wouldn't go back up? I tried looking up window fuse in the owners manual and nothing indicated a specific fuse for the windows.

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fuse #30, it is inside of the SJB, this is the one that if blown, the windows won't work. I had the same problem, but along with many more and found my SJB was defective, replaced it with a used one and now the windows work, but the other problems still exist. I think I have gotten another defective box. If that fuse doesn't fix it, check for voltage at the fuse, if present, replsce the SJB. Look for a used one, new will cost near $600.00 parts and labor
what is sjb