What fuse if blown or pulled will cause it not to start on 2003 Ford Expedition

I want to be able to pull a fuse out during the night sui no can start my car

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I worked on one of these the other day and I'm trying to think of an idea, but the main power control is in the right kick panel. The inertia switch is in the left rear panel and would be difficult to wire a kill switch, when trying to access the wiring to it. That would be a good possibility for you, if you can do it your self or have it done, that way they would have no idea where to look and would be fairly easy for you to access without any one knowing how you disabled it. Let me know your thoughts. The fuse is #34 and it also powers the fuel injectors, and that fuse is powered by the PCM relay. The fuel pump relay can not be accessed, for it is internal of the junction block. I had to wire a new relay in the one I was working on, because there was only 6.2 volts going to the fuel pump and the replacement junction block was very expensive.
I just answered it in your last request...fuel pump fuse .
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