What fuse can I take out for mg car not to start on 2003 Ford Expedition

My kids are taking my keys while I sleep and joy riding

by in Fort Worth, TX on January 31, 2014
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ANSWER by on January 31, 2014
Fuel pump fuse , but here's the deal ,put a blown 1 in its spot if there smart , ,if they know car ,they just pull 1 out of another Spot real quick and there off,if u leave it with no fuse in it... You can blow 1 out by a wire on + of bat to fuse and touch other side of fuse to neg of batt and it will blow it ...then put that bogus Blown 1 in there . yeah , what the hell lady ,hide the keys,lol. What was I thinking.. Kids r so smart today ,there probably reading this rite now anyways...
ANSWER by on January 31, 2014
Hide the keys!! If that can't be done, for SOME reason, the kids need an attitude adjustment!!! I hope they are reading this!
COMMENT by on February 02, 2014

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