What fuse can I take out for mg car not to start on 2003 Ford Expedition

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My kids are taking my keys while I sleep and joy riding
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Hide the keys!! If that can't be done, for SOME reason, the kids need an attitude adjustment!!! I hope they are reading this!
Fuel pump fuse , but here's the deal ,put a blown 1 in its spot if there smart , ,if they know car ,they just pull 1 out of another
Spot real quick and there off,if u leave it with no fuse in it...
You can blow 1 out by a wire on + of bat to fuse and touch other side of fuse to neg of batt and it will blow it ...then put that bogus
Blown 1 in there . yeah , what the hell lady ,hide the keys,lol. What was I thinking..
Kids r so smart today ,there probably reading this rite now anyways...