what else can i do on 2002 Dodge Ram Van 1500

bought this van under the impression the only thing wrong was the water pump and fuel pump. well i put both on and it cranked 3 times and when i put it in gear it cut off. then i was told to put a new neutral safety switch. i did that and it cranked about 6 times and even moved it around my yard.but when i cut it off and it got cool it wouldn't crank any more. please please help me

by in Easley, SC on August 18, 2014
0 answers
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i have put a fuel pump, a water pump, a crank shaft sensor, checked all the fuses, made sure it has gas , put a new distribtor on it ....don't no what else to do please help with info asap....thanks
This is the complete detail of the mystery. Gave truck to son, he installed amps and speaker and then not too long after that, truck was full with gas and lost power on the hwy. Replaced fuel pump,...
my truck loosing oil there no sign of licking or stain on the flore
My Ram Conversian Van 1500 engine overheats and dont know why. I live in AZ where the temps get up to 115deg. At first the Mechanic thought it was the THermostat, but my coolant boils and over flow...

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