what does trac light off mean on this car on 2000 Lexus ES300

my lexus has been running fine; only 84,000 miles on it and yesterday he trac light off came on and is staying on; retired and not really able to spend a bundle on anything right now; any suggestions...

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TRAC OFF usually indicates that one of the on-board modules detected a fault with the traction system and forced the Traction system to be disabled as a result. You will need to have the ECM and ABS systems scanned for fault codes.

also note, that many vehicles have a button that will allow the driver to manually disable the Traction system. If you accidentally bumped that button, it will also cause that light to come on.
Hi, thanks for the reply. Would you happen to know where the button is that you spoke about; which I may have accidentally bumped??
Really appreciate your getting back to me; have a nice weekend.
Pat from CT