what does the mass air flow sensor affect cars performance if bad? on 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

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get check engine light & no power if car is redlined. disconnect battery to reset computer then car is fine until redlined again
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Mass air flow sensor is very a important sensor that determines engine load but I find it unlikely it would cause the problem you discribe. It could be the computer is trying to keep the engine from being over-reved and possiblly designed to do what its doing. Best to check for fault codes the next time you exsperance this issue and report back here. I found info that says the computer will do what you see if it sees intake air tempuature too high and it disables the supercharger. It sets fault codes if this happens....I cut and pasted the remaining from a service bulletin....../////// The intercooler for the supercharger is water cooled. If there is premature failure of the intercooler pump (Charge Air Coolant Pump), then the intake air temperatures will start to climb up and set the fault. If they get high enough, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) will disable the supercharger pump resulting in a lack of performance.
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