what does the coolant warning light mean on 2001 Saturn L300

My low coolant light came on and has not turned off. What doesnt this mean and how much would it cost to have it fixed?

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Low coolant light means the coolant level is low or the level sensor is bad. It will require an inspection to find the problem, which a shop will charge .5 - 1.0 hours of labor to diagnose. You will want to get it checked soon, if the level is low there is a coolant leak, and if you continue to drive it you can overheat the engine. Don't let the engine overheat, this can damage the engine severely and what could've been a small inexpensive repair can turn into a very big one.
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It will cost you $10. Go the autoparts store, buy some 50/50 cooloant approced for your vehicle, check the owners manual to see what type to use. Add the coolant to the overflow and to the radiator once the negine is cool, preferably sitting overnight.
These had a big problem leaking on the top middle part of the motor. remove the plentums and look in the valley area. There is a 3 by 8 inch cover with two quarter size fixtures. You will usually see a pinkish color of corroision around the bolts or connectors. Reseal and replace coolant bridge fixtures.