what does the CODE P0730 AND CODE P1456 mean? on 2003 Acura TL

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One week after I had the oil changed from the Acura dealer my car acted strange: 1st incident occur was when driving on the highway over 65 miles, the car started to shake and started to lose speed when accelerated speed would not pick up. Restarted the engine then car was drivable for about approximately 3 days of the incident then the same problem occur this time the engine light came on and now the car is not drivable but starts up no problem.
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The PO730 is a code for the shift control system for the transmission. There are a couple of solenoids that could be causing the code. You would need to take it to a repair shop that can properly diagnose the problem for you.

The P1456 is A EVAP system fault. It could be as easy as replacing the gas cap with a factory gas cap or it may something else in the EVAP system that is causing the code. Again a proper diagnosis would be the answer. There are quite a few things in the Evap system that can go wrong.