What does the ABS light and Trac off light mean? on 1999 Toyota Avalon

I have just changed the struts in the back of my car and when I was finished I noticed the ABS light was on and the TRAC OFF light was flashing. I didn't remove any sensors. How do I shut them off?

Asked by for the 1999 Toyota Avalon
There are ABS Sensors for the rear brakes, you may have accidentally disconnected one of them.

In order to get the light off, you will need an ABS capable scanner that can clear any codes. The fact that the ABS light and TRAC are on means that you do have some trouble codes in those systems which are all controlled by the ABS computer.
I checked the sensors and the wires are intact and I also checked the connectors they were plugged in also. Could it be just as simple as having the codes cleared with an ABS scanner?