What does P0780 Shift Malfunction mean, do I need a new transmission? on 2002 Honda Accord

What does P0780 Shift Malfunction mean, do I need a new transmission? Check engine light came on 5 months ago, sometimes my car shift gears hard then continue shifting smooth. This happens more frequent now. CODE P0780 Shift Malfunction

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P0780 indicates a shift solenoid malfunction. If so, you probably wouldn't need a complete transmission overhaul, just some valve body work to replace the solenoid(s). P0780 doesn't specify which solenoid so some diagnosis would be required.
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Does P0700 Mean I need a new Transmission or is this code for information only? I had a Transmission scan done for P0780 code and was advised by AAMCO yes I have a code P0780 but I have a new code of P0700 and they recommended I need a new transmission $1900-$2400 to repair, but my car shifts smooth at times but sometimes in 2nd or 3rd it shifts hard. Can someone please expalin what does P0700 mean?
i need ur help
i have change my acura cl 3.2 tranny but it does not work fine...1st speed is good, 2nd speed is good, 3, 4 & 5th speed crach does not work and MIL turn on and D5 flash....the scan tool shows P0780 (AT)
yet it a transmission that was well on another acura cl
help me please
replace both solenoid after flush ,and tps sensor that should do the job
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wait before replace the trans. check your thermastad ,if need to replace get dealer part,flush trans oil ,get the tran oil for your car no jobber oil,place a tran filter special magnetic transmission filter 3/8 hole size,pick metal frament that goes on the return cooler line ,note good to add trans cooler a small one . note check replacing the trans made test on the computor PCM need reprogram or replace.check evap at gas tank check valves, stay open