What does it take to replace a front pump seal on 2005 Ford expedition 4WD it on 2005 Ford Expedition

Just started leaking out of on where. ..how much is this going to cost me and can I do it my self..

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We need a little more info ...what pump seal are you talking about ,If its the water pump then you will have to replace the pump... or is it the ps pump seal ..Is it leaking oil or antifreeze?
Transmission pump seal
You would have to remove the transmission and transfer case from the truck, to access the front of the transmission.
What soes it take to change front pump seal ????
Sure it's the pump seal? Pan gasket or fluid line or line connection maybe and appears to be "front pump" seal? Not a diy fix!!
have it done to hard on diy'er
sorry about that answer I must have been in a daze ...if its the front pump seal I would listen to everybody else its not something you want to attempt lying in your driveway
Need help on transmission problem