What does it means when I step on the gas and the engine jerks? on 2008 Honda Fit

I went to two different gas stations, and now when I put my foot on the gas, the engine jerks.

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Say your car's having a Fit? Is the check engine light on? Sounds like a misfire in the engine.
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Is it like a 'dead spot' in the accellerator pedal? Check engine light may not be on if it's intermittent , but may show up with a scanner that has 'live data' capability. 2 redundant sensors on each- the throttle plate(throttle position sensors 1&2) and on the foot pedal (accellerator pedal position sensors), If the sensor on the pedal has a dead spot , it can give a 'bucking' sensation.
If this started right after filling up I would get a fuel sample in a clear glass container.I have repaired MANY vehicles with water in their fuel from gas stations that have leaky tanks.But that's not to say that you may have something else going on like an ignition misfire or something like that.A fuel sample is relatively easy to get,that's why I recommend it first.