What does it mean when the oil light and battery light both come on and car dies on 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

A long time ago my car stalled but started right back up. I never had anymore problem with it doing that until now. My lights, radio and heat stayed on but my car clicks several times. Could this be the batter fluid or does it seems like something more serious?

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The Oil and Battery lights come on when the engine stalls because; the engine oil pressure drops to zero, and the battery is not being charged due to the engine not running. This is not an indication that the problem is due to either one.
As for the clicking sound and not turning over, suspect low battery voltage to the starter-possibly due to excessive corrosion at the battery terminals, or loose battery terminals.
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alt comes to mind,have that ck'd out
I guess I worded it wrong. It does turn over, just doesn't start. Were having it tested today to find out for sure whats wrong.
check for spark and fuel pressure
Sounds like an alternator problem, have the charging system checked.
Thanks for the tip. A friend of my husbands checked it out...not sure just yet but its looking like it might be the fuel pump or fuel filter causing the problems.
Does not explain the "clicks several times" though!
Good luck with it.
if it just clicks and doesnt turn over I would say it is not the fuel pump
I agree with wetry but I would also charge battery and have it load tested
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